Can toddlers swim in sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can toddlers swim in sims 3?
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How do you get toddlers to swim on the sims 3?

bring them to the pool if it doesn't work then build a pool in your backyard and put them in it

What do toddlers sleep on sims 3 ambitions?

They sleeep in cribs

How do you pick up 2 toddlers at once on the sims 3?

i am not for sure that you can do that. But you might .

On sims original can you have toddlers?

Sims 1:No. Sims deluxe edition:No All sims 1 are no's... All sims games 2 and 3, Yes... (And possibly sims 4...just sayin)

Can toddlers crawl around on Sims 3 Ambitions?

Yes. There should be no reasons that this isn't possible.

How do you tickle people on the sims 3?

You can only tickle toddlers and babies. Click on them, and select Tickle.

How do you get your sims to move out and leave the teens behind on sims 3?

it isn't possible as the sims 3 has a strict rule about the care of children that's why you cant take babies and toddlers out without pushchar or car seat. You can now take the toddlers and babies out in the sims 3. and the children can be left alone. Not toddlers or babies though. but i don't think its possible unless u kill the parents. i hate to say that but i think that's the only way.

Can sims 3 have toddlers on wii?

no they go start as kid for 7days then to teens for 7days after which they become an adult

Do toddlers grow in sims 3 ambitions for ipod touch?

They only grow from baby to toddler and nothing else

Can your kids get kidnapped on sims 3 ambitions?

Yes they can. But the only thing is..... well they have to be babies or toddlers. Hope this helped!

How do you steal candy from toddlers in the Sims 3?

The Sim must have the Evil trait, and then you click on the toddler, and it should be an option there.

Can you create children in Sims 2?

Yes, you can create sims from toddlers through elders.