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yes there are going to be children, babies,and toddlers. A new age group for The Sims 3 is the young adult stage of life, other than that there are lots of different things going on in the sims! For more info go to the sims 3 official website.

also if want any more info on sims3 and maybe more than any other person go to and go to the VIP and it tells u things about it and it keeps it on there for a monthThis is a lie i actually have the sims 3 for the wii and you cant have babies or toddlers it goes child, teen, young adult, adult, old person. don't give random crap to the people who need help geez
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Q: In the Sims 3 is there babies toddlers children and pregnant Sims If so what has changed?
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Do the kids in mac sims grow?

Yes. Babies grow to toddlers. Toddlers to children. Children to teens. Teens to adults. Adults to elders.

What is another name for children?

well, there is kids, babies, toddlers etc.

What is the difference in parenting toddlers and babies?

The difference is that they can't really take care of themselves. Children can have snacks and teens can cook their own food, unlike the babies and toddlers have to be feed by the parents .The babies and toddlers have to stay in their crib until someone picks them up, unlike the children and teens. The part that I hate the most of toddlers and is CHANGING THE DIPPER! Kids and teens don't do that (thankfully). Hope I helped.

Can toddlers die from pneunomia?

Pneumonia can kill, from babies to elderly. All ages are vulnerable, but especially babies/children, and the elderly or infirm.

How old do children have to be to have full fat cows milk?

They can have it at any age. Babies, toddlers, whatever.

Do babies grow up on sims castaway stories?

Yes they grow up from toddlers to children.

Are Lego toys appropriate for toddlers?

No Lego toys have small pieces and are not appropriate for babies and toddlers. They are intended for young children who can assemble and play with the various pieces.

Is Dora for baby Please tell me?

Dora the Explorer is a cartoon made for toddlers and older children. The show helps teach children Spanish.

Can you have children on sims 1 that grow into toddlers not just children straight away?

Nope, that was added in Sims 2. No. unfortunately your sim children start as babies and then remain children. They definitely improved it for Sims 2.

What are the effects of extreme isolation on children?

the effects are they cannot speak or do anything. If they were not talked to as babies or toddlers the part of your brain that does speech doesn't develop

Can you have children on Sims 3 PC?

Yes. You can get pregnant through WooHoo or adopt babies through children.

Can elders have children on sims 3?

Elders can try for babies, but they cannot get pregnant.