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if your xbox is less than two years old microsoft will fix it 4 free. if not u hav to pay 4 it

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Q: Can the 3 red rings on an xbox be fixed?
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How do you fix my Xbox 360?

if its the red ring of death up to 3 rings turn off xbox and let it cool down if u get all 4 ur xbox is completley ruined

How do you fix 3 red light around the Xbox 360 console?

how I fixed my xbox 360 from the red ring of death was by not playing it or turning it on for 1 to 2 days DO NOT DO THAT!!!! If you have the pro xbox (Which is just about every single 1) just unplug it and plug it back in. !PEACE!

Xbox 360 got turned off during an update and now i get 3 red rings but the warranty is expired so what can i do?

you can still send it into Microsoft

What does a circle and three rings mean?

3 red lights of death. It means that your Xbox is saying that your GPU has overheated and failed. Send it back to Microsoft and they will fix it.

Which is the most reliable xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 Elite is more reliable. The Xbox 360 Arcade is the least reliable. The Xbox 360 Premium is in the middle of reliable. There are intercoolers especially made for the Xbox 360 which reduces the chance of getting the " 3 Rings of Death." The 3 rings of death are when 3 lights on your Xbox 360 power button turn red. This happens when the motherboard (main control system) gets too hot, or overheats. The metal inside of it bends. This causes the motherboard to stop working, which in turn, completely kills your Xbox 360. Some people get really lucky, and once they turn the Xbox 360 off and back on, it starts working again. Once you get the 3 rings, the T.V will just turn black, as if you put the T.V on Aux or Video or Input to play your game, but didn't turn it on. If you shut your Xbox 360 off and turn it back on, the rings will do what they normally do (turn on and off in a circle one time, then flash and fade out), but then the 3 red lights will turn on. When you get the 3 rings of death, you can ship your Xbox 360 to Microsoft. They will repair it for $160. Once shipped, you have to wait 6 weeks to get it back. Some people put guides on how to take apart and fix the 3 rings of death problem when you get it. 97% of those guides don't work. So there you have it. Hope this helped. -Joe

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What does 3 rings of death mean?

It means your xbox have a Error it can be fixed

Where can you get your xbox 360 fixed in NJ when it has the 3 red rings of death?

you can send out your xbox 360 to Microsoft and have them fix it if you still got the warranty if you don't, it will cst you about 150$ to repair it with them

How do you fix 3 red rings of death on XBOX 360?

send it to Microsoft

Can Microsoft repair 3 red rings on Xbox 360 for free?

Not for free or if you have a warrenty yes.

How many rings does the Xbox 360 show if it cannot read the hard drive?

3 red rings (of death). Call xbox and get it sent back to them, they will fix it and send it back in 2weeks! GL.

How do you troubleshoot your Xbox 360?

easy enough... if 2 or 3 red rings then is beyond repair. if 1 or 3 recheck your wires

Guitar hero 3 codes for xbox 360?


When your xbox has 3 red rings how do you fix it?

Use the towel trick. Search it on youtube but only do this if your xbox 360 is out of warranty. If it isin't out of warranty, then send it to Microsoft.

What is the chane of getting red rings of death on a xbox 360?

1/3 of every xbox 360 gets it, mine got it a month ago and it sucked

How do you fix my Xbox 360?

if its the red ring of death up to 3 rings turn off xbox and let it cool down if u get all 4 ur xbox is completley ruined

You had the red rings of death on your nxe xbox 360 but now it seems to be working again After a few weeks?

That's what a lot of people are saying,"Oh no!! The red rings of death appeared on my Xbox. Now it dead forever!" However, most of these people are wrong. I believe if you look in the Xbox manuel, the red lights have codes. Like my Xbox had red lights on the third and first player ring sections. However, this meant my Xbox overheated and came back to life in 3 hours.

If Your Xbox Breaks Do You Get A Replacement?

You can only get it fixed or replaced if you get the three red lights or if your xbox is still in warranty and it breaks! You get 3 years warranty if you get the 3 lights and 1 year if it breaks another way!