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I did have sims 3 the pets and I dont remembere being able to ride a horse...sorry

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Q: Can teenagers ride horses on the Sims 3 pets?
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How do you get horses in The Sims 3?

Horses are not included in Sims Pets, the only way to have them in your game is to download them from websites such as Mod the Sims, just search for horses and follow the instructions on how to properly install it into your game.

When do Sims 3 pets come out?

Sims 3 Unleashed has pets. It will come out October 1st. It will have many animals, including horses you can ride, name customize and possibly breed! The trailer is on youtube! :) watch it its good! :D------------------------------------------------------------ sims 3 pets comes out 21st october :)

How do you buy horses on The Sims 2?

Ahem... you can't. You need the sims unleashed to have pets, and I think that you can only get cats and dogs on that anyway. <*:-)

Can kids in sims 3 pets ride horses I know its not out yet but anyone know?

yes they can but the horse needs to be a foal (if thats how you spell it) an baby horse

When the Sims 3 pets is coming?

The Sims 3 pets will be called The Sims 3 Unleashed. It will come out on October 1st 2011. The animals are much better than Sims 2 Pets. Here is what is in the game. HORSES (You can ride them, Customize them like you would do with the dogs) CATS DOGS RACCOONS DEER MOOSE FISH SNAKES HAMSTERS BIRDS That's all that was in the trailer. The trailer is on youtube!

Is the sims 3 animals or pets coming out?

Yes, the game wil include horses, dogs, cats, snakes, etc. You will also have the ability to ride the horses and walk the dogs. Another person Comes out the 18th of next month!(October!)

All cheats for sims?

Sims 1; PCrosemary - money cheat, 1,000 simoleonsageoff - stop the age prosess.llamakid - give birth to llamasSims 2; PCmotherlode - 50,000 dollarsfamilyfunds (familylastnameherenobrackets) (nobracketamountofmoneyyouwanthere) - Choose how much money your sims will permanently havellamaride - ride llamas instead of horses (Sims 2 Pets)Ageoff - stop the age prosess.possessionson - have your sim posessed and you need to have an exorcisim ( sims 2 nightlife or sims 2 pets or sims 2 apartment life)Newborndie - kill all new borns (babies/toddlers) in the whole neighborhood (sims 2 and 3 generations)Sims 3; PC-All the cheats for the sims 2 work on the sims 3-HOPE THIS HELPED HOMIE G

Can you ride a horse to work on the sims 3 pets?

Mount your horse, go to map mode, click zoom in near your workplace, then click on the workplace lot, and press Ride Here.

Does ian somerhalder have any pets?

Yes he had horses. He grew up on a farm and one of his hobbies were training horses. he grew up in covington, LA and loved to ride his horses when he was younger.

Can teens ride horses sims 3?

because i tried using my child and it would only show the icon (care)please help

How have the use of horses changed over time?

Horses were used for transportation, herding cattle, pulling barges, pulling plows and other work. Today they are pets for the rich to ride and race.

Does Jason Earles wife ride horses?

yes she does ride horses