Can shadow die

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shadow can never die. if you think of it he is also stronger than sonic.his video game is for more older kids or teens. he is for older people considering he swears. im sry im going of topic.

in all Shadow can never die, thats that.

Back to my off topic talking. i just think that sonic is for little kids. if your 10 yrs old or lower sonic is cool. 11 yrs old + screw sonic. your a loser if you still like sonic. think what you want to think.


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Q: Can shadow die
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Does shadow die in the good ending of shadow the hedgehog?

No he doesn't die

When did Shadow Wilson die?

Shadow Wilson died in 1959.

Does shadow die his quills?


When did Shadow Pyle die?

Shadow Pyle died on 1908-12-26.

Did Shadow die in Sonic Adventure 2?

No, he didn't die. Shadow and Sonic defeat the bioform lizard together in their Super forms.

What sonic game does shadow die?

Sonic Super Hedgetastic Adventure and the death of Shadow

Does shadow the hedgehog die in gonnariaville?


You live where light is but die if it touches meWhat are you?


How do you know when you suck at kingdom hearts?

When you die to a Shadow.

Why did shadow die in sonic adventure 2 battle?

shadow didn't die but he now suffers from amnesia so he forgets everything but now he thinks he's an android but he is not

Does shadow ever die?

he is a video game character i don't think he will ever die

Fire emblem shadow dragon who has to die for the side quests?

for the side quest you have to die