Can pets attack in RuneScape

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Actually, My cat has attacked before. I was in wildy when a summoner attacked me. I am level 3 combat and had no way to protect myself. My cat had actually attacked the summoner pure :-) It even followed him into non multi and kept attacking with the combat difference. This has happened to me 3 times before. IT does not give exp.

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Q: Can pets attack in RuneScape
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Can baby pet dragons attack in runescape?

No, no pets in runescape can attack, only summoning familiars that you spawn can attack back.

In runescape can nonmembers get pets?

no non members can not get pets. sorry!

How do you attack meracny guard in RuneScape?

Usually you attack monsters in RuneScape by clicking on them. In some rare cases, you have to right-click and select the "Attack" option.

Are there pets for not member?

In runescape, there are pets but only for pets but if you go to google and type, you get a pet there for free

Can you turn an attack mix back into an attack potion in runescape?


How many pets can you get in runescape?

You can have as many pets as you want, but you can only have one pet out at the same time ;)

Does attack affect your magic in runescape?

Your attack stats don't but look at you Magic bonus on attack, that does.

How do you improve your attack level in RuneScape?

By fighting.

What does spec mean on RuneScape?

Special attack.

How do you talk to rat in RuneScape?

You cant but you can attack it.

When will the pets on AQworlds attack?

Certain pets (battle pets) can now attack in AQW as long as you equip a battle class, such as Necromancer.

How do you attack the old mans bed in runescape?

You attack the Old Man's bed by clicking on it.