What does spec mean on RuneScape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Special attack.

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Q: What does spec mean on RuneScape?
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What is the best spec weapon in runescape for members?

Dragon claws

What weapon in RuneScape does the most damage?

It would be the dark bow which can hit 55,44 with 1 spec or the amardyl godsword which spec hits 75 +

What does the abbrieviation spec mean?

Spec is short for specific or specifications

What does the medical abbreviation spec mean?

In gynecology, spec is short for speculum.

What does the root spec mean?

The root spec means: look or too see

What happened to RuneScape?

What do you mean?, runescape is still there. If you wish to visit runescape go to ""

Loop your RuneScape account?

What do you mean by looping a runescape account?

What does spec mean in cell phones?


Where are the silver shops in RuneScape?

If you mean "GOINS" i answer this:ITS AGAINTS RUNESCAPE RULES!!!!!

In RuneScape what does session mean?

Well it can mean: - Your account session ( how long you have been playing runescape ) - An in-game minigame session.

What does 1M mean on RuneScape?

1m on runescape means 1 million gp (1,000,000)

What are the alts in RuneScape?

What do you mean by the alts?