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No,it has to be the Celebi that was being given away at the Pokemon Black and White Mall Tour or the one that was given away at GameStop.

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Q: Can one use the Pokemon 10th anniversary Celebi to activate the Zorua event in B and W?
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Where is the Pokemon zorua?

the Pokemon zorua is in castailea city-disguised as a boy. you can only activate the event with the event celebi.

How do you catch a Celebi to catch a zorua?

You have to get a Gamstop Celebi to activate the Zorua event.

Can you get Zoroak using Celebi instead of one of the legendary dogs in Pokemon black?

No, but you can use the Celebi that can be obtained from Gamestop to activate the Celebi event to catch Zorua and evolve it into Zoroark

How do you get zorua without Celebi or zorua in Pokemon white?

Its an event pokemon in castelia city;~]

How do you trade over Celebi to Pokemon white?

To activate the Zorua event, you must trade Celebivia the Relocator (which can be obtained from Castelia City).

What Pokemon do you need to catch Zorua?


How do you get a zorua on Pokemon White when the shiny Celebi doesn't work?

If the Shiny Celebi does not work, you cannot get a Zorua. On Pokemon White, this is the only way to get that species.

Do you have to have a Celebi to catch a zorua in Pokemon white?


What Pokemon can you use to get Zorua?

You need a 'Fateful Encounter' Celebi.

Where do you get zorua?

To get Zorua, there was an event at gamestop where you could get a free Celebi on every DS Pokemon game you have but the way to get him is have Celebi in your party and go to Castelia city. Then you find the house with a person next to a Zorua and if you have Celebi in your perty, he will join you. Zorua will then evolve into Zoroark at level 30.

What legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon movie 13?

It has Raikou,Entei,Suicune, and Celebi. It also has Zorua and Zoroark, but these are not legendaries according to Bulbapedia.It has Zoroark,Zorua,Raikou,Entei,Suicune, and Celebi.

Where can you meet Zorua in Pokemon Black?

Zorua can be found in Castelia City by event with fateful encounter Celebi.