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no, i don't think so...for the sims 2 there was this object you could download and make your sims young again but i don't think anything like that has been made for The Sims 3.yet.

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Q: Can old sims become young in sims 3?
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How old do you have to be to try for baby on sims 3?

young adult, i think.

Can your teen sim get pregnant in sims3?

Young adults is the youngest you can become pregnant in sims 3

What happens when you die of old age in sims 3?

you become a grey ghost

Which sims game can you have kids who grow up in this order baby child teen or adult and then an old person?

in sims 1 In sims 2 you have a toddler (and with a expansion a young addult) In sims 3 you have toddler and young addult Thank you

Can teens get pregnant in the Sims 3?

No, in the sims 3 only young adults and adults can become pregnant and have babies.

How do you become a vampire in sims3?

in the sims 3, your sims can not become vampires.

How do you make your Sims young in Sims 4?

What do you mean by make them young?

Can What if your Sim Become A Werewolf On The Sims 3?

You can't become a werewolf on The Sims 3 yet OK.

Can a young adult date an adult on the sims 3?

Yes, young adults are permitted to date adult Sims as well as elder Sims.

Can you become a werewolf on sims 3?

No only in sims 2

How do you make your sim become a young adult again?

If you mean on Sims 2 then you have to have the University expansion pack, then make a teen Sim go to college and they will turn into a young adult Sim. If it's on Sims 3, then I am not sure, sorry.

Can sims become cheerleaders in sims 3 university life?

All sims in sims 3 can become cheerleaders in the university life. Sims 3 is just like real life, cheerleaders are not made but discovered within certain people.