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All sims in sims 3 can become cheerleaders in the university life. Sims 3 is just like real life, cheerleaders are not made but discovered within certain people.

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Q: Can sims become cheerleaders in sims 3 university life?
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How can your sim become a cheerleader?

They can't, the Sims games doesn't have cheerleaders.

How do you become a monster in bon voyage sims 2?

To become a monster in the game Bon Voyage Sims 2 you need University. With University you can become a zombie.

Is there cheerleaders in Sims 3?

no , there's no cheerleaders on sims3 but you can sort of dress your self as one .

Can you adopt on Sims 2 university?

You can adopt in all of the expansion packs, but Sims that are at university can't until they become adults and leave.

How do you become a zombie on sims2?

You need the University expansion pack. With that, there is a specific career, and an object for that, and you can bring sims back to life (or sort of).

Do you need the sims 2 to play sims 2 university life?

yes you do ok!!

Does the Sims 2 university life expansion work with the Sims life stories?

no, it only works with the games listed on the back

How do you become a celebrity on Sims 3 Pets?

get sims 3 night life

How do you get a sim baby on The Sims 2 pets?

you can't have a baby in the sims 2 pets its only in the sims 2 life stories,the sims 2 apartment life,the sims 2 seasons, and the sims 2 university

How do you become a vampire on Sims 2 open for business on mac?

You have to have sims 2 night life to become a vampire.

Where can you find the cheat codes for The Sims 3 University Life?

You can "find the cheat codes" for The Sims 3: University Life at My Because It's Not Google (BING) Resources

How do you become a witch on The Sims 2?

you have to have the sims 2 apartment life expansion pack.

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