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Can you use mervyns gift cards at kohls

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Q: Can old Mervyns gift cards be used anywhere?
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Can prepaid visa gift cards be used in Europe?

Yes. They can be used anywhere in the world.

Can you use a visa gift card anywhere?

Visa gift cards can be used online and at any store that accepts cards with the Visa logo which is pretty much everywhere.

Are there gift cards that cand be used anywhere?

u just have to have ur ipod touch iphone by wifi or 3g or u can do it on a computer

Can gift cards be used to buy money order?

No, store brand gift cards cannot be used to buy money orders. This is unless they are the prepaid type gift cards like Visa Gift cards.

What merchandise can be bought with a Simon gift card?

Simon gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise and services from merchants anywhere in the United States. This card would usually be used at a Simon mall.

Can amc gift cards be used at regal theatres?

The answer is no! They will not accept each others gift cards.

Is it possible to purchase gift cards for the company Lane Bryant?

Yes, Lane Bryant does offer gift cards. They offer regular gift cards, which can be used in store or on their website. They also offer e-cards which can be used online or printed and used in store. These arrive within an hour.

Can blockbuster gift cards be used at kiosks?


Do Hallmark stores sell gift cards?

Hallmark stores do indeed sell gift cards. These gift cards can be used to purchase a variety of Hallmark items, including cards, small gifts and other accessories.

Where can you turn cash into a visa gift card?

Visa gift cards can be used at any store that accepts major credit cards.

Do you use an iTunes card for apps?

iTunes gift cards and App Store gift cards can both be used to buy apps.

What percentage of gift cards never get used?