How do you gift in combat arms?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Only accounts that have been charged with Nexon Game Cards can be used to for purchasing and sending gifts to other players.

Edit: To gift, you select the gun you want to gift in the shop. Right next to the button that says "buy," there is a button that says "gift". Click it, and it should prompt you with a box that tells you to put the recipients name, gun time usage and an optional message.

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Q: How do you gift in combat arms?
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How do you gift a hisec box in combat arms?

You can't

How do you gift your perm gun on combat arms?

You can't. You can only gift it if you haven't bought it yet.

Can you gift something you own in combat arms?

no you have to go to the store click on the item you want to gift and click gift not buy

Can anyone gift me on combat arms?

Yes i can just add steven213 i can gift you up to 20k nx and 29k in gp

Was the email address for combat arms?

yes it is what u use to login pleaes gift me my username is anirudhninja

How do you gift people on combat arms?

click on a gun but instead of buying it click gift and then write the person's in-game name and check it then click send

Is Combat Arms in Vietnam?

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Combat Arms EU won't work for Asia players, try Combat Arms Korea.

How do you mission mode on combat arms?

There is no mission mode in combat arms

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you can't sign up on combat arms. GO to to sign up then download combat arms

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