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yes when you have obeliskand sliver the sky dragon and the winged dragon ofRa on the field by sacrificing sliver the sky dragon and the winged dragon of Ra and giving their attack to obelisk he will get infinite power

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If you play in a tournament with the legal, obelisk the tourmentor, slifer the sky dragon, and the wing dragon of ra, obelisk the tourmentor, cannot reach infinity atK , Def by sacrificing slifer, and ra , however you can special summon the creator of light by sacrificing those 3 card when they are on the field for automatic victory which is similer to infinity atk points.

If you play at home just for fun with the illegal in tornament they is no problem if you opponent agrees, however since they look like the one from the anime use this effect.

Just go to the website yugioh wikia on there origional page on this card and scroll down to eglish anime effect, you must see (original) like this if not your in the wrong page. If your are confuse. Also all I can tell you about the anime egyptian god card is the one that is easy to the hardest to destroy or get rid off with card effect respectively. Slifer the sky Dragon, Obelisk the tourmantor, and the Wing Dragon of Ra, Do not ask question on yugioh wikia ruling forum on the anime version of the egyptian god because they do not have ruling apart from video game, which some video game follow the legal version, while previous video game as only bits and pieces of the anime effect that makes them stray 99% way off , of the true anime effect.

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Q: Can obelisk the tormentor power level become infinity?
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