Can mystery gift crash your game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, it can't.

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Q: Can mystery gift crash your game?
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Where is mystery gift?

Mystery gift is in the starting menu of the game. You scroll down under START GAME all the way, and you should find mystery gift.

How do you use your mystery gift in Diamond?

after talking to the man and gain acsess to the mystery gift save and turn off your game.turn on your game and under new game it will say mystery gift.

How do you get mystery gift in heart gold?

... go and turn on the game & on the menu, click mystery gift...

How do you get mystery gift using emulator?

At the beginning, scroll down to mystery gift. It is the third option under new game. Click on that, and you should have the mystery gift that you are after.

How come at the bottom of New Game it says mystery gift and not mystic ticket?

The Mystic Ticket would only be one of the Mystery gifts, it has mystery gift in every game.

When can you get the via mystery gift?

end of game

What is the purpose of mystery gift in sappire and LeafGreen?

you can use it at the time where your supposed to go into the game it will read "mystery gift"

How do you get a Pokemon from the mystery gift on soul silver?

you get mystery gift it automatically after you get the pokedex in the game. try going to to find out what pokemon event is going on through mystery gift.

How do you get a mystery gift in diamond version?

when an event comes up go to the place where there are hosting it and mystery gift should be in the menu whre you saved game is click mystery gift and you should receive the gift

How is mystery gift used on Pokemon firered?

You have to save your game and then turn you console off. Then turn your console back on and set up your Pokemon game. Before you start your game under 'New Game' its says mystery gift. You can only use the mystery gift if you have a connection cable for your gameboy.

Where do you get mystery gift in Pokemon pearl?

to get mystery gifts you have to go to events on Nintendo wifi if you have already got a mystery gift in game then go to a pokemart

Why won't the man give you the mystery gift?

You need another GBA with the game that has the mystery gift option and you both use it.