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Yes you can evolve multiple Pokemon at the same time. The requirements that would be needed is multiple proper evolution stones to evolve the desired Pokemon. Evolutionary stones can be found spread throughout certain areas of the game.

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Q: Can multiple Pokemon evolve at the same time?
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What level do your starter evolve in Pokemon Explorers of Time?

i don't think your Pokemon evolve at all in Pokemon explorers of time.

What level does igglybuff evolve in Pokemon crystal?

Igglybuff evolves when it is happy and when it gains a level at the same time.

How do youmake your Pokemon evolve in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

You keep going to the end and then you can evolve

What lvl does Scyther evolve?

Pokemon evolve differently every time.

When does numel evolve on Pokemon XD for GameCube?

The same time it all ways does. Oh and for something like this next time.

What Pokemon evolve at certain levels?

Most Pokemon evolve by levelling up. It would be a waste of time to list all of the ones that evolve at certain levels.

How to evolve golbat in Pokemon time?

You have to raise its IQ up to four stars, and then you can evolve it.

When does Audino evolve in Pokemon White?

Audino does not evolve at any time in either game.

What do you do after you evolve in Pokemon explores of time?

Play the game.

Can you evolve on pokemon explorers of time?

i believe so

What level does flaaffy evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

Flaafy evolves to Ampharos at level 30 and at the same time learns Thunderpunch

What level does CHIMECHO evolve?

Chimecho is unable to evolve as of Pokemon X and Y. Chimecho does evolve from a Pokemon called Chingling when it's at max happiness and during night time.