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No. You have to trade it, just like in the other games.

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Q: Can machoke evolve when migrated from sapphire?
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Will machoke evolve on sapphire?

Only if you trade it, then it will evolve into a Machamp.

How do you evolve machoke into machamp in sapphire?

Trade it.

When does machoke evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

Machoke evolves into Machamp only through trade my friend.

What level do machops evolve at Pokemon sapphire?

Machop evolves at level 28 into Machoke. To evolve Machoke into Machamp, you must trade it.

How will you find machoke in sapphire?

Dude you can't you have to get a machop and trade it then it will evolve into machoke trade it again and you will get a machamo

When does machoke evolve into machamp in FireRed?

To evolve a machoke you must trade to a friend that has a fire red or leaf green or ruby or sapphire version your machoke then your friend will receive this machoke and it will evolve into machamp make your friend trade it back to you to have the machamp.

How long does it take for a machoke to evolve on sapphire version?

It evolves by trade,not level. So, it's your choice when you to evolve it.

What level machoke evolve?

MACHOKE EVOlve by trading

What level does machoke evolve at in platinum?

You cant evolve machoke up by levelling him up. You have to trade to evolve machoke.

Can Pokemon migrated from emerald to heart gold evolve?

if you mean does it work like trading for an machoke to evolve into machamp no it only gives you the Pokemon not trade evolutions

Do you trade machoke for it to evolve yes or no?

yes if you trade machoke it will evolve

How do you evolve machoke without trading?

You cannot evolve Machoke into Machamp without trading Machoke, it must be traded in order to evolve it, there is no other way to evolve it.