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yes, in the same way the other flies he can fly too.

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Q: Can iceman fly on Ultimate Alliance xbox?
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Can Iceman fly?

Iceman, also known as Bobby Drake, cannot fly in the typical sense. He can manipulate moisture in the air to create various forms of ice, such as ice slides or constructs to aid in mobility, but he cannot fly on his own.

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Not possible

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hit a two times

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Does ultimate traffic 2 add aircraft to fly on flight simulator x?

no it does not, ultimate traffic simply gives you selected airlines to fly alone with at airports to increase the realism of flight sim

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Delta Air Lines, Star Alliance, and Sky team are airlines that fly from Uganda to the Bahamas.

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First off you must be updated to the latest version of Minecraft Xbox Edition, then you go to your world and under Gamemode change it to creative, then you can double tap A to fly.

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no i dont think so i think that she could but no one knows how to make her fly