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Press A twince really fast to fly and make the joystick in the upper corner go straight ahead really fast twice.

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Q: How do you fly faster in minecraft xbox 360?
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Can you fly on xbox 360 Minecraft?

either start up a new world or in the settings of the old world change it to creative mode, this is the only legit way to fly in minecraft 360 edition.

How do you fly for oblivion Xbox 360?

Not possible

How do fly in minecraft xbox?

hit a two times

How do you fly on Minecraft for xbox?

First off you must be updated to the latest version of Minecraft Xbox Edition, then you go to your world and under Gamemode change it to creative, then you can double tap A to fly.

Can an xbox 360 fly in a plane without being damaged?

Yes they can, they ship them via plane everyday. I have sent an xbox by air and it arrived the same as I shipped it.

How do you fly in single player command minecraft?

/fly (speed) /fly is the command and if u want to fly faster put the speed a space after it for example /fly 6 that would make you fly at speed 6 and so forth.

How can you fly on oblivion on the PS3?

You can't. You cannot use the required mods or console commands on PS3 or xbox 360, only on PC.

How do you fly parasute in bad company 2?

When you are mid-air or jump off of something, press A (xbox 360) or X (ps3) and it will deploy.

What is the cheat code to unlock a helicopter on grand theft auto the lost and the dammed for xbox 360?

For a police Chopper - FLY-555-0100

Can you mount a dragon in Skyrim on xbox 360?

If you download the 'dragonborn' DLC, partway through the storyline you will gain a shout to enable you to fly dragons.

Is a ladybug faster than a fly?

no fly is faster

How do you fly in minecraft multiplyer survival?

fly mod