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No. It only prevents you from fainting from the oppents attack.YOU should know this.

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Q: Can focus band prevent Pokemon that uses explosion or self destruct from fainting?
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How do you be a good pokemon trainer?

Catch some good and strong pokemons for your team. Train them, make them like you and make sure you have some healing items to prevent them from loosing battles/fainting.

How do you breed maril into azurill?

Azurill will evolve when its happiness level is maxed out. To increase a pokemon's happiness you can train it, give it items like Protein, and other good things. Prevent the pokemon from fainting, don't use items that say there bitter tasting, and make sure to use the pokemon often if not all the time.

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In Pokemon pearl how doe evee evolve in to umbreon?

Friendship in the nighttime. If it isn't night, it will be an espeon. Keep it in your party, feed it berries and poffins, check the friendship checker and see how it feels about you, prevent it from fainting, level it up. That's as much as i know but i hope i could give you some ideas.

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Give it a BIG hug :D I believe not :P

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Pokemon that prevent escape on Pokemon ruby?

Pokemon with Arena trap this will help:

What prevention methods are there to avoid fainting?

To prevent fainting, individuals can stay hydrated, avoid standing up quickly from a seated or lying position, eat regular meals to maintain blood sugar levels, and avoid prolonged exposure to hot environments. It's also important to be aware of any triggers that may cause fainting and to address them accordingly.

Can an operation stop you from being knocked out?

If you're talking about fainting, probably. If you're talking about aggresive physical contact( fighting), then no; its impossible. Only way to prevent from getting knocked out is to train your body.

Can you prevent evolution in Pokemon Conquest?

You can make it hold an everstone.

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