Can evolve Pokemon at night

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, certain Pokemon can evolve at night (only at night; all Pokemon can evolve during the night except for day-only Pokemon like Espeon) whether holding an item or simply with Max Happiness. These Pokemon can only evolve at night time:

  • Eevee - Evolves with maxed out Happiness during the night; it'll evolve into Umbreon.
  • Sneasel - Let it hold a Razor Claw and level it up in the night. It'll evolve into Weavile.
  • Gligar - Let it hold a Razor Fang and level it up in the night. It'll evolve into Gliscor
  • Chingling - Max out its Happiness during the night and it'll evolve into Chimecho.
  • Amaura - Level it up at level 39 during the night and it'll evolve into Aurorus.

Pokemon who cannot evolve during the night are:

Eevee (To Espeon), Budew, Happiny, Riolu, and Tyrunt.

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Q: Can evolve Pokemon at night
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What is umbreon?

the moonlight Pokemon. when trying to evolve evee your clock must be towards night time. At 20 and up it will evolve ---------- -------------------------------------------------- Umbreon is the moonlight Pokemon that will evolve with friendship at night from eevee.

How do you evolve sneasel on Pokemon pearl?

It has to hold a razor claw and evolve it at night.

When does the Pokemon gligar evolve?

train gligar at night with razor fang then he will evolve into gliscor!

How to you evolve sneasle in Pokemon white?

Sneasel will evolve during the night if holding a Razor Claw.

How do you evolve a sneasel in pokemon?

You'll need to make it hold the Razor Claw and evolve it at night.

What level does CHIMECHO evolve?

Chimecho is unable to evolve as of Pokemon X and Y. Chimecho does evolve from a Pokemon called Chingling when it's at max happiness and during night time.

How do you get Umbrean in Pokemon pearl?

its gotta like you and then it will evolve, but only at night.

How do you evolve an eevee into an umbreon in Pokemon platinum?

Level it up at night

How do you get hondoom in Pokemon pearl?

Evolve from houndor. Houndor can be caught at night.

Does lapras evolve in Pokemon ruby?

it doesnt evolve in any generation so far hope i helped. by night

What level does sneasel evolve on Pokemon white?

Sneasel evolve at night holding a sharp claw. Hope it helps ; )

Where can you get haunter in Pokemon heatlgold?

evolve gastly. you can get one from sprout tower at night.