Can dsi do wireless connection with ds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, the DSi cnstill dowireles conction with the DS. My friend has a DSi and I am saving up for one. You can still use Pictochat and play with friendson games like Pokemon D/P and Patinum. I do not know about DS download or neither if it can do wireless with a dsi XL. SORRY,

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Q: Can dsi do wireless connection with ds?
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Do you have to have wireless connection to connect the dsi on-line?

The DSi needs to connect to a wireless system to work and you should get wireless connection for your DSI because guess what? you can get on-line any time!

How much is a ds web browser?

it is a free download but you need a wireless internet connection and you have to download it at the Nintendo dsi shop for free

What is a wireless adaptor for ds?

The Nintendo Wii/DS wireless adaptor is a USB plugin that plugs into your PC. This turns your own PC into a wireless hotspot that the DS or the Wii can connect to, so if your computer uses a wired connection, you can connect them wirelessly. It can also be used if your own router uses WPA encryption - the DS can only connect using WEP, and can use the adaptor to connect instead. Note that while the DSi can use WPA encryption, this is only for the DSi store or browser, not games, so it can be useful to DSi users too.

Does the dsi work with router that is not wireless?

No, the Nintendo DS can only connect to Wi-Fi, which is Wireless.

How do you connect to the dsi Internet?

yes if you have wireless internet connection

Can you get a wireless connection with a Nintendo ds to a Nintendo sp?

No. sp doesnt have a high enough software level to receive wireless connection with ds.

Do Nintendo DSi's have wireles connection with Nintendo DS's?

yes it can

Does a DS have internet access?

DSI? Yes. DS? actually you can if you have high speed internet and and a wireless router.

When copying Pokemon form ds to Pokemon Battle Revolution what does it mean by check connection environment'?

By "checking connection environment" it means to make sure that nothing is in the way of the Nintendo DS system that will be connecting to the Nintendo Wii because when you're connecting between any of the DS systems (the original DS, the DS Lite, the DSi or the DSi XL) and the Nintendo Wii then you can't have any obstacles in the way of the wireless signal that both systems will be transmitting.

How do you use wireless connection in digimon dusk on DS emulator?

That's impossible. No wireless connection for emulators.

Is the wifi connection of a Nintendo DS different to Nintendo DSi?

Indeed-- If you have WiFi with a DSi you can go on the internet.

How do you get a Hoenn Pokemon in your pokedex in Pokemon white?

If you have a wireless connection and two ds' or dsi's you can let that happen. In Pokemon black and white later on in the game it will allow you to do that. but be careful if you do because it could freeze your game or ds. hope this helped