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You cant because the DS, DS Lite, and DSI all use wireless connections. i know because i have one

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Q: How do you hook up a Nintendo ds to a Nintendo ds?
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Can you hook a Nintendo DS up to a Wii?

No there is currently no way to hook up a Nintendo Ds to a Nintendo Wii system.

Can you hook up a ds to a ps2?

No. Why would you think that you could hook a Sony product up to a Nintendo DS

Connect your ds to the Wii?

Hook your DS and your Wii up to Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Can you hook up a Nintendo DS lite to a Nintendo Wii so you can play it on the TV screen?


Which Nintendo DS systems have Ipod docking stations on them?

You'll have to buy an attachment to hook up to an iPod if you want to do that with your Nintendo DS.

What does a Nintendo DS USB Cable do?

A USB cable is used to hook up a divice to a comouter probly to download things(games,infermation,ext.)to your Nintendo DS.

Is it true that you can hook your Nintendo ds up to the internet from you wii?

ya its true ..u should try it k

Can you hook the Nintendo DSi up to a tv?

No, you can not hook a Nintendo dsi up to a tv.

What is a firewall on Nintendo DS?

nonexistent. The firewall is from your router if you are connected to the internet. Figure out where it is, and hook up a PC to it and change the firewall setting.

Can guitar hero on tour decades hook up wireless If it can please say how to?

It can hook up using the DS Wireless System. The rules for that is: The Nintendo you are connecting with must be under 69 feet away.

What does a Nintendo DS Lite Cable do?

Charge up your Nintendo

Can you hook your ds up to your tv?