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Yes, it is possible for other people to buy you Builders Club. They can do this by buying a Roblox card, and then PMing you the card code. It is highly unlikely that someone you do not know will do this though, as it would be pretty much the same thing as sending you free money.

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Q: Can anyone buy you Outrageous Builders Club in Roblox you are Ubergeekpi?
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Can anyone buy OBC for Ubergeekpi in Roblox?

dude!!!!!!!!!get your own OBC no one wants to use there money fro other people on roblox!

Anyone have a Roblox account that they dont need with Builders Club if so may i have it?


Does anyone have a unused builders club account on roblox If so can i have it?

yeah name:i love you134562 pass:iloveyou123

On roblox can people not in builders club sell t shirts?

Anyone in ROBLOX can make shirts, pants, and t-shirts (not guests) but only BC members can sell them.

Can i cheat on Roblox for tix?

No, you can't. If anyone on Roblox says you can cheat - don't listen to them. It may just be a way to trick or scam you. If you want more robux or tickets then buy builders club or save up. By xX9Omg9Xx

How do you get more robux on roblox?

Buy robux. or use builders club. Anyone who says you can get it by visiting a place is trying to get visits. "legit"hacks, I'm looking at you.

How can you give robux to another friend in roblox?

There is no official way to give tickets to anyone on Roblox. It is possible though to give money to people if they have builders club. The person you want to give money to can create a donation t-shirt and have you buy it.

How do you earn 15 robux quickly on roblox without builders club?

Buy robux. Anyone who says you can get it by visiting a place is trying to get visits. "legit"hacks, I'm looking at you.

Has anyone played Roblox?


Who plays Roblox and Minecraft?

Anyone can.

Can anyone give you a builders club account on roblox?

Well they can't make you Builder's Club but they can pay for your Builder's Club and they can give you a Builder's Club account if they tell you the username and password.

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