Can an axe deflect bullets

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. just simply activate your matrix function and cut the bullet in half, then throw a monkey at the shooter stopping him and stealing his babies.

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Q: Can an axe deflect bullets
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Can swords deflect bullets?

Yes, swords can deflect bullets(block bullets), they can also split bullets in half.

Can plastic deflect bullets?

Plastic is not an effective material for deflecting bullets as it does not provide sufficient resistance or strength to stop a bullet's force. Bullets can easily penetrate through most types of plastic materials. Specialized bulletproof materials like kevlar, aramid fiber, or composite ceramics are used to deflect or stop bullets effectively.

What does the tilt skull do?

enemy shields deflect bullets i dunno about plasma tho

What is a sentence using the word deflect?

The tank's armor deflected ordinary bullets. Charged particles can be deflected by magnetic fields.

How do people become hereos?

Wear a cape and your underpants outside of your clothes and deflect bullets off your eyeballs.

Can anything deflect bullets unmarked?

There are materials such as Kevlar and ceramic plates used in bulletproof vests that can effectively deflect or absorb bullets, even if unmarked. These materials are designed to dissipate the energy of the bullet upon impact, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, armored vehicles with thick steel or composite armor can also provide protection against bullets.

Why do people need helmets?

It shows what side a soldier is on from the design and even helmets today can deflect some kinds of bullets.

What is bullet recovery box?

A bullet recovery box is a heavily reinforced box which is designed to deflect and collect bullets fired into it. They are often used when testing bullets or by crime labs checking ballistics.

Can muscles deflect bullets?

The bullet would tear through the skin -.-' so further more NO! it would also steal your babies

Who would win a modern soldier or a Jedi?

A Jedi would win, lightsabers can't deflect modern bullets but they easily block the bullets from hitting them. Also Jedi have the force so they could send modern soldiers flying.

What do you do to mirror a projectile in plazma burst 2?

Use the slo mow energy thing and deflect the bullets with the swords. Exactly when the bullets come close to you you scissor them with the swords away

What is a shield?

A shield is used for battle mostly, in medieval times knights used Shields to deflect sword strikes or arrows. It had the sign of your kingdom or family crest on it. Nowadays SWAT units and others used Riot Shields, They are used to deflect bullets and protect the people behind you.