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Q: Can a non-member have a house on wizard101?
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How do you get to cyclops lane when your a nonmember on wizard101?

You cant. You either have to pay crowns or subscribe for 9.95 a month.

How do you sell your house on wizard101?

You cannot sell your house in Wizard101.

Where should a level 52 nonmember train on on runescape?

Yo momas house

Can you gift a house on wizard101?

no because homes from wizard101 arent giftable

How do you get to krokatopia in wizard101?

If you are a nonmember than you can not go to this place unless you buy it with 750 crowns. If you are a member than you must get a quest to go in there and go into bartleby's mouth and go to a different world.

How do you get a ice house in wizard101?

Well you know that icon that says shop in the upper left corner in wizard101. Click on it and press on the house. From there you can choose what house you want.

What are the places you can't go to in wizard101?

malisttes house

How do you get nonmember shoes on club penguin?

Its impossible there is no way to get nonmember shoes you have to be a member.

Does the wizard101 midnight sun pagoda come with a house?


Is it true that there are nonmember bat wings in animal jam now?

yes there is such thing as nonmember bat wings

Where is the crafting station in wizard101?

It is an item that you place in your house but I cannot figure out how to place it

Is there a nonmember pet in aq worlds?