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Q: Can a level 30 bagon evolve into salamence?
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How do you evolve bagon?

Bagon> at level 30> Shelgon> At Level 50> Salamence

How do you evolve bagon with stone?

Bagon does not evolve with a stone. It evolves at level 30 to Shelgon, and at level 50 into Salamence.

Can a level 35 Bagon evolve into salamence?

No. Bagon evoles into Shelgon at 30 and Shelgon evolves into Salamence at 50.

What level bagon evolve at?

bagon evolves to shelgon at level 30. shelgon evolves at level 50 to salamence.

What level does bagon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Bagon evolves into Shelgon at level 30 and then into Salamence at level 50

How do you get a salamence on Pokemon platinum?

you need to catch a bagon and evolve it at level 30 into shelgon. shelgon will then evolve into salamence at level 55

What level does bagon evolve at in platinum?

30 for shelgon. then for a salamence, 50

How do you get salamence in pokemon emerald?

Salamence is the late evolved form of Bagon in order to obtain a Salamence you must train a Bagon up to level 30 where it will become a Shelgon then when it's level 50 it will become Salamence.

At what level does Bagon evolve in to Salmance in Pokemon sapphire?

If you want salamence, you have to evolve your bagon into shelgon first. Bagon evolves at level 30 and shelgon evolves at level 50 ( I think this is right).

Where can you get a salamence?

Firs you have to get a Bagon at the back of waterfall cave. Then evolve it into shellgon at level 30. Finally into salamence at level 44-50

What level does bagon evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

Bagon becomes Shelgon at LV. 30 and becomes Salamence at LV. 50.

What level does bagon evolve at in Pokemon x?

Shelgon evolves into Salamence starting at level 50.Other facts about Shelgon:Shelgon is #372 in the National Pokedex. It evolves *from* Bagon starting at level 30.It is a pure dragon type (Salamence is Dragon-Flying).Shelgon is weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy moves, and resistant to Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric. (It isn't immune to anything.)Shelgon (and the whole Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence evolution line) was introduced in the Generation III games (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald).