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you need to catch a bagon and evolve it at level 30 into shelgon. shelgon will then evolve into salamence at level 55

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Q: How do you get a salamence on Pokemon platinum?
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What level does salamence learn dragon claw in Pokemon platinum?

It learns it at Lv61 in Platinum.

What is a good moveset for a physical salamance in Pokemon platinum?

Which trainer owns salamence in Pokemon platinum?

The only Pokemon Trainer i know that has a Salamence is Riley, you can find him at Iron Island. But, you can only battle him at the Survival Area in the building next to the Pokemon Center.

Can you get a salmenance in Pokemon Silver edition?

No. Salamence is a 3rd generation Pokemon and can only be obtained in Pokemon ruby, sapphire, emerald , diamond, pearl and platinum.

What is a good flying Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

if you just started starly is the best choise if you finished the game i recomend Skarmory or salamence :D

Is it possible to get a Salamence in Pokemon Platinum?

you must evolve shelgon, who evolves from bagon. He is on route 210 with the poke radar

What level does bagon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Bagon evolves into Shelgon at level 30 and then into Salamence at level 50

What type of Pokemon is Salamence?

Salamence is a Dragon and Flying type pokemon.

Is your future Pokemon platinum team good it consists of Charizard Torterra Lucario Lapras Salamence and Rhyperior?

its realy great xD

How do you catch a salamance in Pokemon White?

You can get Salamence by: Transferring it into Pokemon White. Trade for it. Get a Bagon or Shelgon to evolve into Salamence.

How do you get a salamence in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't catch a salamence in Pokemon diamond but you can migrate one from a game boy advance game of Pokemon or use an ar and use the catch trainer's Pokemon cheat and find somebody with a salamence then get one

Where at in Pokemon Platinum can you find salamence?

you cannot find one in Pokemon platinum u have to either trade from a friend or download from a gba game that has a salemance at pal park Or if you want it simple then you catch a Bagon and evolve it into a into a shelgon and to my calculations it evolves into a Salamance -ShinyPonyFriends