Can a PSP work without a battery?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes ! If you have a PSP 1000 (fat one) like me

If you don't have a battery just plug in the charger and it should work.

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Q: Can a PSP work without a battery?
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Can a PSP work with out a PSP battery if you have a PSP 2000?

You can run a PSP without it having a battery, it's not very convenient though. It will only operate while it has the charger in.

Can a slim psp 2001 work without a battery?

No it cant.

How do you turn on your psp without a battery and the charger?

It's only possible to turn on your PSP with an adapter for the PSP or a battery for the PSP.

How do you update PSP without battery?

You can't update a psp without a working battery. It'll state that the battery is low and you need to charge it.

Does a normal PSP battery work on a PSP slim?


How do you turn a PSP on after custom firmware was installed without a battery?

Get another battery. You should of had backup files on your PSP battery.

Can a PSP 2000s battery work in a PSP 1000?

No you cannot

How do you work the Pandoras battery?

To Work a Pandora's Battery (PSP) Just put it in. If that doesn't work then put the battery in hold R1 and still holding it switch psp on. IF YOUR PSP GETS BRICKED I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. DO IT AT OWN RISK

Does a PSP slim battery work on a normal PSP?

No you cant the slimmer battery is just too small but the normal battery can fit in both normal and slim PSP!!

Is the PSP extended battery kit work with all PSP's?

conntection 1

Can a PSP 2000 battery work on a 1001 PSP?

No, the PSP 1000 requires a higher amount of amperage. If you put a PSP 2000's battery in, it won't even turn on.

Do PSP have different Batteries?

Yes the psp 1000 has a fatter battery than the other two models. the fat battery will work on psp 2000 and 3000 but the battery cover wont close.