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No. The NDS lite cannot play 3DS games in the first place so it will not be able to link with a 3DS.

However, the 3DS is backwards compatible, meaning it'll play NDS games so it can link with the DS lite if playing a NDS game.

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Q: Can a 3DS verse with a DS lite with a 3DS game?
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Can you play Skylanders on a DS lite?

No, it is a 3DS game.

Can Mario 3D game play on DS Lite?

No, 3DS games can only be played on a 3DS.

Can you play Mario 3D Land on the DS Lite?

No, it is a 3DS game and only works on the 3DS.

Do all Nintendo DS games work on the Nintendo DS lite?

No the 3DS game cards are shaped slightly different then the Nintendo Ds. Of course if you could put the 3DS game cards in the Ds lite it would still not work because the features and intense graphics the nintendo 3DS requires for games can't be used on the Ds lite. Don't buy 3DS games for the Ds lite as it just won't work. You can consider buying a 3DS however as the 3DS is backwards compatible with all DS games.

Is a Nintendo DS lite as big as a 3DS?

The DS lite is almost exactly the same size as the 3DS.

Can you play Pokemon Rumble Blast from walmart on the ds lite?

No, it is a 3DS game, so you need a 3DS.

Can you play Ocarina of Time 3DS on DS lite?

No, the Nintendo DS lite cannot play 3DS games.

Can you play a Nintendo 3ds game cartridge play in a ds lite system?


Why doesn't Pokemon HeartGold play on my 3DS and DS Lite when it could be played before?

Your game, Pokemon HeartGold, might not play on your 3DS and DS Lite when the game was playable before because you have damaged the disk or cartridge.

Do they the game Mario sunshine for the dsi?

The dsi can play any ds or ds lite games, however 3ds's are the only game systems that 3ds games work in.

Is a Nintendo DS lite a normal DS?

Yes it is a Smaller Version of the original Nintendo DS the only other DS that is a totally new ds is the 3ds although Dsi supports dsi titles that the original and lite versions do not but the 3ds supports all of them. You can also play ds Games on a 3ds but you cannot play gameboy advanced games on a 3ds whereas on normal or lite ds you can play Game Boy advanced games.

Is Pokemon black a 3DS game?

It is a DSi-enhanced game which plays normally on the DS and DS lite, as well as with additional features when played on the DSi and 3DS, and their XL versions.