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Q: Can Lucario learn Bone Rush in Pokemon diamond?
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What level does lucario learn bone rush on Pokemon brick bronze?

level 7

What moves will your Lucario learn in Pokemon diamond?

Dark Pulse Quick Attack Bone Rush Aura Sphere Metal Claw Swords Dance Me First Extremespeed Dragon Pulse and MANY MANY MORE!

At what level does Lucario learn bone rush on Pokemon Pearl?

Lucario learns bone rush at level 19. To get it, either evolve Riolu by increasing his happiness to max then leveling up before level 19 so Lucario learns bone rush at level 19. If a Lucario is over level 19, use the move tutor in Pastoria City in exchange for a heart scale. Hope this helps!

Why didnt your Lucario learn bone rush?

Most likely, it evolved too late to learn it.

Can riolu learn bone rush?

No,but evolved form,Lucario,learns it at level 19

What moves does Lucario learn in Pokemon platinum?

by level a lucario can learn: dark pulse, quick attack, foresight, detect, metal claw, counter, force palm, feint, bone rush, metal sound, me first, swords dance, aura sphere, close combat, dragon pulse, and extremespeed well, i hope that answers your question

What moves can Lucario learn in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokémon Diamond, the moves that Lucairo is capable of learning through level up in the game is Foresight, Detect, Quick Attack, Dark Pulse, Metal Claw, Counter, Feint, Force Palm, Bone Rush, Metal Sound, Me First, Swords Dance, Close Combat, ExtremeSpeed, Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere.

What level does Lucario learn bone rush?

Lucario learns bone rush at lvl 19 evolve riolu at lvl 18 to evolve riolu it has to have max friendship if u lvl riolu passed 19 and u want bone rush go to a move tutor

What kind of stone to make a fighting type Pokemon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

only riolu needs a bone stone. there r no other fighting Pokemon that needs a stone to evolveRiolu DOESN'T need a bone stone, infact, it doesn't need any stone's! It evolves into Lucario, gradually. Maybe happiness. -PokeFan Boo (visit my Pokémon advice site in a few days, is happiness

How do you get a Sheldon bone underground in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

you can only get shieldon in pearl

Where do you get a bone stone on Pokemon diamond?

You can find one under ground using the explorer kit (rare)

What moves can marowak learn?

Maroway is a Pokemon of the ground-type, it's an evolution of the Pokemon Cubone when it reaches the level 28. Some of the moves it can learn are Growl, Bone Club, Focus Energy, Bonemerang, Fing, Bone Rush and Double Edge.