Can Kadabra learn Dream Eater

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, i dont think so... maybe alakazam.... but not kadabra

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Q: Can Kadabra learn Dream Eater
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When does noctowl learn dream eater?

It learns the move Dream Eater at level 57.

How does drowzee learn Hypnosis and dream eater or nightmare?

hynosis and dream eater can be learned by tm's but nightmare once he evovle's

Will my Gastly learn dream eater on Fire Red and when?


Does haunter learn dream eater?

It can but you need a move tutor to do that.

What level does haunter learn dream eater?

lvl 39

How Do you Teach A Pokemon Dream Eater in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In order to teach Dream Eater to any Pokémon, you would first need the TM for Dream Eater. Once you have the TM in your inventory, you need a Pokémon that is the correct type to learn the move.

When does kadabra learn sleep powder?

Kadabra does NOT learn sleep powder.

When does kirlia learn dream eater in platinum?

it learns it on level 77Type your answer here...

Is this a good move set for kadabra also can i evolve kadabra without trade because i play fire red in my DS lite psychic hypnosis dream eater and shadow ball or other?

A "good move set" depends on a person's opinion. No, you can not evolve Kadabra in a method other than trading.

When does Darkrai learn dark void?

In the Pokemon games Darkrai learns the move dark void at level 66. He is the only Pokemon which can learn this move.

Can kadabra learn mean look?

Unfortunately, no. Kadabra cannot learn Mean Look.

Where you get dream eater in Pokemon diamond?

The Gastly family can learn it by level up and they can be found can be found in Lost Tower. TM 85, which contains dream eater, can be found at the Valor Lakefront.