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You can join any server, no matter what type of computer you're using. If you mean do you have to have the same mods as a modded server to join, yes, you do.

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Q: Can I join someones server on Minecraft if they have different software?
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What is a video game server?

a video game server, for example:you can make your own server on minecraft and you can join someones

How can I create a Minecraft server and how does minecraft server work?

To create a Minecraft server, you can follow these basic steps: 1-Choose a server software: There are various server software options available for Minecraft, such as Spigot, PaperMC, and Bukkit. 2-Install the server software: Once you have chosen a server software, you will need to download and install it on your computer or server. 3-Configure server settings: After installing the server software, you will need to configure server settings such as game rules, plugins, and server properties. 4-Port forward your router: If you are hos-ting the server on your computer, you will need to port forward your router to allow players to connect to your server.

How do I make myself admin on a server off of

Go on someones Minecraft acaunt

What are the best minecraft classic server software?


Is Minecraft classic server software free?


How do you make an online Minecraft server?

Certain software.

What is Bukkit?

Bukkit is an Minecraft Server Hosting software.

What are some minecraft classic server software download sites? One of the best server softwares out there.

How do you make a server on Minecraft on a mac?

To run a Minecraft Server you will need to download the server software (See links below) and then enter the command... java -cp minecraft-server.jar com.mojang.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer ...into the Terminal. The Read Me file that comes with the Server download explains how to configure the server to your particular needs.

I bought a minecraft server of multiplay and 10 mins later minecraft updated itself to v.4 then my server is outdated and i cant go on it. Will i have to buy a new server or will i get a new server IP?

The server software is provided free of charge, to solve server out of date problem you just need to download the new vanilla (default, official) (I'm assuming that you use this server software because you are asking about this) server software that will be uploaded some time after the update, your IP can remain the same. The Link is located in Related Links You then replace the Minecraft-server.jar in your server's folder with the one included in the download. For more information see the Minecraft forums

How do you make a Minecraft 1.0.0 server for Windows 7?

donwload the software in the site

How do you set a world map to Multiplayer in Minecraft?

You need the server software first. Once you get the server set up, you can copy your save to the server.