Can Ditto breed with vaporeon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think Ditto can breed with any Pokemon as long as the Pokemon that Ditto is breeding with isn't a legendary Pokemon because they have no gender so they cant breed. You however can breed manaphy to get phinoe, but not manaphy.

yea you can breed with a vaporeon but will result in a eevee just the same as the rest. then it depends what game your playing, if you are playing Fr/Lg then you can only get the first three evolutions and trade for the rest because the Fr/Lg does not have a clock feature to change from day to night.

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Q: Can Ditto breed with vaporeon
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Why can't you breed vaporeon with a Ditto on platinum?

Actually you can breed a Vaporeon with a Ditto. It will just take some time for an Egg to come out.

What is The Easiest Pokemon for a Vaporeon to breed with?


If you breed Ditto and a male Vaporeon will you get an Eevee?

Yes. Breed a ditto with any eevee evolution and the result egg will be eevee.I second the verdict. The egg will definitely be an Eevee.

What Pokemon do you put in the day care on island 4 to get a evvevon fire red?

Either a boy vaporeon,flareon,or jolteon and a girl vaporeon,flareon, or jolteon. Or breed it with a ditto

What Pokemon can be bread with a male Vaporeon?

ditto, female eevee, flareon, jolteon, or vaporeon

If you bread a Ditto with a Vaporeon will you get a evee?


Can Snorlax breed with Ditto?

any Pokemon can breed with ditto except legendary Pokemon and ditto. in other words, you can't breed a ditto with a ditto

Can grotle breed with a Ditto?

anything can breed with ditto.

What Pokemon is in the egg if you breed a Ditto with a Ditto?

Nothing. Since a Ditto can no breed with another Ditto. They will produce no egg.

Can you breed Ditto and Infernape?

Any Pokemon can breed with ditto.

Can you breed Ditto with a empoleon?

yes ditto can breed with empoleon

Which Pokemon can breed with Ditto on Pokemon Pearl?

Any Pokemon that can breed, can breed with Ditto.