Can Bulbasaur learn solarbeam

Updated: 4/28/2022
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bulbasaur can't learn solarbeam without a TM it can only learn it if it evolves into ivysaur or venusaur if still unsure go to serebii or marriland

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Q: Can Bulbasaur learn solarbeam
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Related questions

Why can your Zapdos not learn solarbeam?

The same reason a Bulbasaur can't learn Flame Thrower. Type incompatibility. Zapdos is a electric/flying Pokemon and Solar Beam is a grass-type move.

What level does entei learn solarbeam?

Entei can learn TM22- Solarbeam.

What are the moves of Ash's Bulbasaur?

the moves are vinewip, solarbeam, tackle and razor leaf.

When does venisaur learn solarbeam in FireRed?

It learns Solarbeam at level 65. It can also learn Solarbeam by TM, which you get at the Pokemon Mansion.

What level does tropius learn solarbeam in Pokemon emerald version?

It cannot learn Solarbeam. You must give it the TM Solarbeam.

Does gloom learn solarbeam?

Use the TM to teach it solarbeam.

What lvl does weepingbell learn solarbeam in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it cant learn it but you can teach it using the TM for solarbeam

Can Charizard learn Solarbeam?

Yes, it can learn it through the use of the Solarbeam TM.

Can gloom learn solarbeam Pokemon Emerald?

Gloom can be taught Solarbeam with TM22.

When does venasaur learn solarbeam?

In Generation III it learns Solarbeam at Lv65 and onwards.

Can Arcanine learn solarbeam?


When does weepingbell learn solarbeam in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Weepinbell didn't learn solarbeam.You must teach it with TM 22,which contains solarbeam