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Cheats: triangle,x,square,up,up,left,circle,x,triangle infinite ammo

What?? :)

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Q: Call of Duty Finest Hour cheats hints or passwords for ps2?
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What was the first call of duty.?

It is Call of Duty finest hour

What are some cheats to Call of Duty 3 on PS2?

i thought it was for cod black ops... zork,hello sailor,3arc unlock,the usernames and passwords,theres miilions of them..

Was Call of Duty finest hour released after Call of Duty 3?

No, finest hour is the 1st call of duty while call of duty 3 is the 3rd.

What is the first Call of Duty?

call of duty finest houur

How do you engage invincibility cheat for call of duty finest hour?

There is no invincibility cheat for COD: Finest Hour.

Is Metroid prime better than soul calibur or call of duty finest hour?

call of duty finest hour is better than metroid prime

Does call of duty finest hour have a zombie mode?


What do you call the finest branches of the bronchial tubes?


Can you hack call of duty finest hour?


Does Call of Duty World at War have cheats and what are they?

There are no cheats for this game.

Was the first Call of Duty for Playstation 1?

just call of duty

Does the call of duty modern warfare 2 have cheats?

Not like GTAs MW2 doesn't have cheats, I think cheats are cheap and stupid anyways. B.T.W none of the Call of Duty series have cheats!