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I've heard that it's the legendary cannibal,but its not for sure.

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Q: Best weapon in fate undiscovered realms?
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Best armor in fate undiscovered realms?

full plate armour

Fate the undiscovered realms?

its the 2nd edition to Fate

What is the most powerful weapon in FATE Undiscovered Realms?

it's the legendary the mealmaker sells for little over 37 mill

What is the best gem in fate undiscovered realms?

the perfect rhodonite it decreases the stats you have to have to wear something

How many fate games are there?

There are currently 3: Fate, Fate: Undiscovered Realms, and Fate: The Traitor Soul.

How do you advance a rank by using a cheat on fate undiscovered realms?

yes you do

What is the unlock code for fate undiscovered realms for wild tangent?


In Fate Undiscovered Realms what exactly do Fate Cards do?

If you get 3, trade them to the demonling and he will give you somethig back

Where can you buy fate undiscovered realms?

you can get it just about anywere walmart, gamestop,ebay.

Where do you get the full game of fate undiscovered realms for free?

Wild Tangent's website

What is the strongest monster in fate undiscovered realms?

i think it kaos i think that how you spell it

How much is a Dell computer?

buy fate undiscovered realms i con not installing