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Basically, any team with decent type coverage will be fine, as long as they're all at least Level 50 - over 55 might be a good idea, and if not you can go back and wander around the exit to Victory Road and train. Rayquaza is a big help here, so if you don't have him, I recommend going to Sky Pillar to the east of Pacifidlog Town so you can catch him first. He's level 70, and a HUGE help.

No special movesets are needed for beating the Elite Four, so TMs aren't really a necessity, just give them some good moves from levelling up. Make sure you buy PLENTY of Full Restores and Revives before you challenge the E4! Even with an amazing team, with no recovery items you'll never make it.

So you can train your favourite Pokemon rather than the strongest, and they'll be fine provided the movesets, levels and items are decent. My team was Sceptile, Flygon, Camerupt, Seadra, Magneton and Aggron. Not the strongest in the game, but they sufficed.

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The champion has water-type Pokemon, so use electric or grass.

get all the weakenes of the elite four

I recomend grass, ghost, and electric Pokemon. Have one with spore/effect attacks (sleep spore, poison powder,body slam, leech seed, etc.) also make sure they have both accurate and power full attacks. give them items such as quick claw, berries, and left overs. make sure you take potions, revives, and to save money take extra berries. Save the game after each one to learn the line up of the next. If you loose turn your game off/on and arrange your Pokemon to the best line up (NOTE: the line up may change after the 1st Pokemon, so jsut put the best suited one 1st)

Recomended team:

1.duskull/clopse (with judgment-Shadow ball)

2.Pikachu/Richu (thunder-thunder shock-*quick attack*-Thunder wave) *Optional

3.Xatu/Natu (SI-KICK moves- Some to put them to sleep) *Sorry cant spell*

4.Gloom/Treeko+/Shroomish (poison powder, Razor leaf, leaf blade, Sleep powder)

5.Wailord/Seadra/ (smoke screen§, hydro pump/surf, Roll out#) §- seadra #-wailord

6. A fire Pokemon or a machamp with the elimental punches.


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Q: Best way to defeat the elite 4 on Pokemon emerald?
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Pokemon ruby is swampert the best to defeat the elite four?

yes swarpert is a greatest Pokemon to defeat elite four

What are the best Pokemon to have in your party when facing the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

Fire and water are the best combination to beat the elite 4.

What is the best Pokemon used to defeat the elite four?


What Pokemon is best Pokemon to defeat 7th gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

Any Pokemon with ice or electric moves

How do you defeat the elite four with one Pokemon?

you defeat the elite four by training a particular Pokemon and getting it to a high level(e.g. lv64) you also give it the best four moves that you have. try to give it moves that have a lot of pp though because you need to defeat the elite four who have a lot of Pokemon!

What is the best Pokemon to have in your party for the elite four in Pokemon silver?

Crystal is suicune but im not sure of the rest. Emerald it's rayquazza. he can beat the entire elite four by himself.

Which is the best fire Pokemon in emerald?

If you don't have blaziken i recommend you get camerupt, he helped me beat a lot of the elite four

What is the best pack of Pokemon to haveagainst the elite four emerald?

Machamp, Banette, Walrein, Raichu, Ludicolo, Dustox.

What Pokemon do you need to beat the elite four and what level?

The best levels to have are 60 or above Pokemon wise i doesn't matter the easiest way to beat the elite four is train Pokemon that defeat each members Pokemon.

What is the best way to beat the Elite Four in Heat Gold and Soul Silver?

The best way to defeat them is to train your Pokemon. No Pokemon will be above level 50 or something like that. The 4 main elite four, their Pokemon are only in their forties.

Where is the best place to level up a level 28 Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

probably the bicycle route, or the victory road if you get there, or exp.share in the elite four

In Pokemon diamond if all of your Pokemon of your Pokemon are level 55 and your training to defeat the elite 4 and Cynthia where would your best spot be to train?

victory road