Best team in Pokemon Gold

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The best team is one that has many types. Spiritomb and a dragon type Pokemon are almost certainly needed, as well as a strong water Pokemon like Milotic. The rest is up to your discretion. Without legendaries, there really are no ultimate Pokemon.

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Q: Best team in Pokemon Gold
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Best team for Pokemon Gold?

Three legendary dogs, Ho-oh Lugia and a dragon type pokemon.

What is the best team of Pokemon and what level should they be to defeat the last gym leader in Pokemon Heart Gold?

lugia, latios, and umbreon

Which is the best pokemon team for pokemon emerald?

There is no best team unless you hack it. any pokemon can be good if trained correctly

What is best team in Pokemon pearl?

my team

What is the best pokemon team in pokemon diomond?

The best Pokemon team in diamond is piplup, shinx, starly, machop, budew, and cranidos

What is the best team in pokemon gold with cyndaquil?

I would have to say a really good team would be: Typhlosion Dragonite Lapras Alakazam Umbreon Gyrados It may have weakness' but if you teach the pokemon the right moves than you can be unstoppable.

How do you get the best team in Pokemon indigo?

i saw gaypeopletheesedays battle team girantina dialga rayquza lv61 and a gold mewtwo a palkia a dialga and tisn12 rayquza 100 gyrados100 gaylord 247 cyberADS chipkidstar you have the best Pokemon team in the world better than all those usernames anyway

Where is the team rocket dude Pokemon gold?

At nuget brig

What is the best team for Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well my team was Wigglytuff charizard

What is the best grass Pokemon in Pokemon Heart Gold that I can use in my team to beat the Elite Four besides Meganium?

exeggutor is good have it know two phychic and two grass moves

Where Do you get whirlpool in Pokemon gold?

To get the HM whirpool in Pokemon gold, you have to help Lance shut down Team Rocket's generators in Mahogany Town.

Where is the best place to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

The best place to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon Heart Gold is at Mt. Silver.