Best starter in Pokemon Platinum

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think piplup but you would have trouble in the 2nd gym

i recommend chimchar. Chimchar is the best because he can learn moves to over through all types of Pokemon

Of course Chimchar because it is fast and his evolved forms are Fire-Fighting type,so it would be useful.

No.... Piplup is the Best. You just have to train it. When it evolves it becomes a Water-Steel type, So look at it this way... Fire hurts Steel, but not water, Grass will I think hurt.... But Piplup is the best and adorable. Chimchar can die Easily. No! Chimchars evolved forms can't learn water type moves.

piplup of course the second gym just use a starly or staravia and empoleon can kill infernape easliy and infernape has low defence.

Piplup is the best he has only three weakness in his last form(ground,fighting,electricity). Ive had an infernape and an empoleon. Empoleon is waaaay better! And Empoleon can beat most of its weaknesses anyway.

But what everyone fails to see here is that all the starters after silver are bad. And by the way, how can empoleon kill infernape so easily when infernape is a fighting type which is a weakness for empoleon, and also infernape is much faster thus he will be able to attack first. In platinum, they made it so that all the starters have the capability of being equal since each has the weakness of the other 2(which goes for all of them), however considering infernape has a significant speed stat and formidable attack stats he can beat the other two. Therefore Chimchar is your best bet.

yes chimchar is because even though empoleon turns into a water/steel type chimchar evolves into infernape and infernape can learn fighting type moves

i think chimchar is the best in my personal preference. i used him in pearl and platinum. yeah i know he sucks on defense but makes up for it with good speed and offense. piplup is good but infernape is a fire/fighting, and any fighting move could KO empoleon. infernape could also beat torterra with a fire or fighting move for torterra also being a dual type of grass/ground.chimchar is also a good pick for the elite four.

chimchar for sure: if you evolve it before 1st gym, it beats roark easily with mach punch, second gym: any fire attack can KO gardenia, not very useful in fantina's gym, but can use something like flame wheel to do some damage, 4th gym: KO for lucario with flame wheel and if you evolve it into infernape before, close combat, weak in 5th gym, but can be used to KO quagsire, 6th gym is super easy thanks to flame wheel/close combat/flamethower 7th gym: even easier due to same moves 8th: not really useful but can learn eathquake to KO volkner as of its speed. elite four: aaron: KO for bugs, bertha: close combat to golem and some other, flint: maybe to hit some Pokemon with close combat, lucian: KO for his bronzong and Cynthia... well, infernape can KO her roserade and togekiss. also he is useful in battles againist Cyrus, as he mostly uses dark-types. i had all three starters in my platinum. chimchar was the toughest of my team. i really mean it, he's your best bet if you want pretty easy game. ////////Garythecool: well i prefer chimchar because its high speed makes up for the defense. And its fire attacks are killer and can beat torterra easily. Its fighting type moves like close combat can take out empoleon in a snap. But if i had a second choice i would pick empoleon because it has good resistance. Torterra is a good choice too with its strong defense but its speed is slow so a Pokemon could deal a lot of damage to torterra before it attacks. Torterra is a powhouse when it comes to some grass and ground moves though.////////


I think Chimchar is the best choice because when he evolves into Infernape who is awesome for the elite four.Plus he can learn earthquake(which you can get in the cave where gible lives) to cover his weakeness against empoleon.If you can't find earthquake, then make sure he has a good fighting move like close combat or focus blast.Also,if you trade to soul silver, you could teach him dynamicpunch and then trade back.

Hope this helps!!!:)

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piplup because when it evolves into Empoleon at Level 36, it has only 3 weaknesses, Fighting, Ground and Electric, 1 immunity, Poison which prevents Empoleon from being Poisoned, 2 normal effectiveness, fire and grass and the rest empoleon is good against. The others do not has as many advantages.

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Q: Best starter in Pokemon Platinum
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Where can you find turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?

starter Pokemon

What starter Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Platinum?

Chimchar, piplup, and turtwig.

What are the starter Pokemon for platinum?

in order from best starter to worse Piplup Turtwig Chimchar

Pokemon platinum how to get chimchar?

Pick him as your starter

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You can get another starter if you get all the sinnoh pokemon. Proffeser rowan will ofer a johto starter.

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best starter- turtwigs evolution (Torterra) best pokemon found in wild- roselias evolution(Roserade) best legendary- Shaymin (Event)

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you get piplup as a starter in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

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Where do you find a piplup in Pokemon Platinum?

pick it as your starter

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Get action replay

What is the best Pokemon to beat the galactic leader in Pokemon platinum?

It is the Starter or any one that is in the same Lv. say like 45 49 for example