Best starter Pokemon emerald

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Treeko(Sceptile) is the WORST!! starter in Emerald, because its weak and only learns 1 good move. Torchic(Blaziken) is very fast and strong and good for fighting the Pokemon league, and Mudkip(Swampert) is sorta slow but really strong. Grovyle is really bad. Sceptile is a little faster than faster Blaziken but so much weaker. Sceptile has low Defense, but the foe can't attack at all if Sceptile KO's the foe with 1 Leaf Blade(his only good move but it wont KO with 1).

Treecko, Grovyle, and Sceptile have one type(which makes them even worse!), you can have 5 other Pokemon in your party to cover Sceptile's type-disadvantages. Swampert's and Blaziken's dual-types make them vulnerable to more types(which makes them better). you don't get 2 STAB types for Sceptile as you would for Swampert and Blaziken, you need a second STAB type. Overall I like Mudkip, then Torchic and then Treeko but Treeko is definitely the worst

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Q: Best starter Pokemon emerald
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Why is mudkip the best starter for Pokemon emerald?

Everyone lieks Mudkipz!

What is the best Pokemon to pick on Pokemon emerald?

The best starter Pokemon in Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire is Torchic. If you level it up well, it'll sail you through the first 3 gyms with ease.

What is the best starter Pokemon for Pokemon emerald?

The grass is the best, because in the end, you will need him a lot! It is though only based on preference (But i heard you like Mudkipz)

Whats the best starter Pokemon for emerald?

Torchic, it can learn Sky Uppercut which attacks even Pokemon that used Fly

What is the best Pokemon emerald team with Torchic as starter?

-Azumarill -Magnetric -Breelom -(A flying pokemon) -(a normal, fighter or psychic)

Who is the best starter in Pokemon emerald?

the best is either mudkip or torchic because of their evolutions mudkip= swampert torchic=blazekin

What are the six best party Pokemon you can get in emerald?

in my opinion they are rayquaza,ditto,latios,your starter pokemon,aipom and anorith hope i helped

Is sceptile the best starter Pokemon in emerald?

that is an opinion, but i think blaziken has more power than sceptile.

What is the best way to beat the 4th gym if your starter is treeko in Pokemon emerald?

you should train a water Pokemon or teach your treecko rock tomb

Which is the best Pokemon to deafeat May on Pokemon Emerald?

It depends on what Pokemon you chose as your starter. Usually, finding the weaknesses of the Pokemon you're facing and using them against it will nab you a win. Usually.

What is a best combination of Pokémon to have on Pokémon emerald?

I like getting a fire or water starter for it will be easier. (Tho i did pick Treeco for a challange.) Mudkip is best, but i like Blazikins. So you should have a starter, a pokemon who's type is weak to your starter, a pokemon who's type is strong agenst your starter, a Suring pokemon, a flying pokemon, and a Legendary. if your at the begining, getting a shromish and evolving it will be useful later on.

What should your second Pokemon be in emerald?

doesn't matter. If you train your Pokemon to an high enough level you will be able to defeat the gym leader. I think the best STARTER Pokemon is fire-type.