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arcanine heat wave, flare blitz, extremespeed, dragon pulse/iron tail

glaceon ice beam, blizzard, last resort/ice fang, shadow ball/iron tail

milotic aqua tail/dragon pulse, hydro pump, ice beam, blizzard/

salamence Draco meteor, dragon rush, earthquake, hyper beam/giga impact

tryranitar earthquake, stone edge, thunder, blizzard

lucario earthquake, physic, aura sphere, stone edge

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Q: Best Pokemon team without legendaries
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Best team in Pokemon Gold?

The best team is one that has many types. Spiritomb and a dragon type Pokemon are almost certainly needed, as well as a strong water Pokemon like Milotic. The rest is up to your discretion. Without legendaries, there really are no ultimate Pokemon.

Could you rate my team for Pokemon Black and White?

Try to not use legendaries, it will show that you can be strong without them!

In your opinoin which is the best teams in Pokemon diamondpearl?

I do not know I hae a lot but bthe definte best is a team of lvl legendaries,

Best Pokemon team in Pokemon LeafGreen?

well my team is not finished yet but my final team for the elite 4 is probably gonna be Charzard Lv60 Raichu LV 57 Dragonite LV 59 Lapras LV 58 Arodactyl LV60 Hitmontlee/Polyrath The Best Pokemon Leafgreen Team is for a fact: With Legendaries Mewtwo, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Articuno, Zapdos, Gyarados/Snorlax Without Legendaries Dragonite, Tyranitar, Lapras, Jolteon, Gyarados, Snorlax/Hitmonlee

Is it a good Pokemon SoulSilver team?

legendaries are good

What is the best team without trade or happiness or legendaries or migration to defeat tower tycoon in Pokemon platinum?

The team that's the best is what you think is the best for you. I would recommend your starter pokemon, which by now, should be very strong. A range of Pokemon types is good, Pokemon who's move types are a range are even better. The higher level and stats of the Pokemon the better too.

What is a good Pokemon team for soulsilver without legendaries?

without legends um id say tyranitar,infernape,salamence,noctowl,typhlosion,and feraligatr

I need a pokemon FireRed team with Charizard with no legendaries?

If you need a Pokeman Fire red team with Charizad with no legendaries, then you will have to start at Charmander. ===============≈========== I am the one who made the question, I mean suggestions for my pokemon team with Charizard and no legendarlies.

Pokemon FireRed best Pokemon?

I have awesome team of magneton, lapras, arcanine, venesaur, alakazam( best Pokemon ever in my opinion), and machamp. all very good also consider legendaries

What is the best Pokemon team for Pokemon LeafGreen?

this is the fully evoled evoulution of what i think is the best team NO LEGENDARIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay the team is blastoise richu nidoking buterfree gengar fearow hope i helped -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- okay so my team (no legendaries) is blastiose, raichu, flareon, pigeot, laparas, and gengar.

Can legendary Pokemon recruit other legendaries Pokemon blue rescue team?

i am not sure about if they are the leader but they can be a partner

What is the best team for Pokemon Black and White 2?

I am about to start playing Pokemon Black 2 and I was thinking of my team, I decided t ogo with Samurott,Lucario and Electivire but can you guys help me pick the other 3 pokemons to have my team balanced ( no legendaries)