Battle tower on Pokemon Ruby

Updated: 4/28/2022
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beat the elite four and go home to littleroot town talk to your father in the house he'll give you a ticket now go to slateport or lillcove city and take the boat to battle tower

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Q: Battle tower on Pokemon Ruby
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What happens after you beat the battle tower in pokemon ruby?

We can get other regions starter Pokemon if we defeat the battle tower

How can you go to the battle room in the battle tower in Pokemon ruby?

defeat the pokemon league

Where can you get scope lens in Pokemon ruby?

You can get it at the Battle Tower

Where is the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire do not have the Battle Frontier, instead they only have the Battle Tower. It was not until Emerald version that the Battle Frontier was added to the game.

What trainer has Sceptile in ruby?

Only the trainers in battle tower (the battle tower trainer's Pokemon will not be recorded in the pokedex)

Where is the Battle Frontier on the video game Pokemon Ruby?

doesn't exist. only battle tower.

Where is the trainer tower in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no Trainer Tower in Pokemon Pearl. It is only present in Pokemon Leafgreen and Firered and Pokemon Emerald. There is however, a Battle Tower in Pokemon Pearl which is basically the same as the battle towers in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How do you cloe Pokémon in Pokémon ruby?

You Can't Clone On Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Only Emerald In The Battle Tower.

Is there a battle frontier in Pokemon Ruby?

=No, But there is a Battle Tower there. The battle frontier was added only to Emerald Version, and therefore is Completely unaccessible to ruby/Sapphire Version. Sorry.=

What if you already beat the battle tower in pokemon ruby?

beat it again. nothing will happen

How do you get the apicot berry in Pokemon Ruby?

From what I've heard, you have to transfer it from Pokemon: Battle Revolution for the Wii.

How do you get 2 master balls in ruby?

By a glitch at the battle tower in the frontier after you beat the Pokemon league