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Porygon doesn't evolve at a level. You need a special item to make it evolve.

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Q: At what level does Porygon evolve on Pokemon platinum?
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Pokemon platinum what level does Porygon evolve?

trade while holding up grade and it will evolve into porygon 2

What level does Porygon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

For Porygon to evolve you have to trade it whilst it is holding an 'upgrade'. See related links for more info.

What if a porygon is not a level 25 how to evolve?

Porygon's level dosen't interfere with it's evolution, because Porygon does not evolve through Level Up. You need to trade a Porygon with another Pokemon game. Once the traded Porygon reaches the other game, it will evolve into Porygon-2.

Where do you get a Porygon in Pokemon Platinum?

you can get porygon in platinum by going to velistone first, and then go to the top house on the top of the Pokemon center.Finally,you ask the man inside the house, then he will give you a porygon level 25.

What level does Porygon evolve in pokemon leaf green?

Porygon does not evolve by training it levels. You must trade with an Up-Grade attached.

In Pokemon pearl what level does Porygon evolve at?

Porygon does not evolve at a given level: you have to trade it while it is holding the Up-Grade to evolve into Porygon2. Then trade that while holding the Dubious Disk to get a PorygonZ.

What level does gabite evolve on Pokemon platinum?

It will evolve at level 48

What level does sandsherw evolve at in Pokemon Platinum?

it will evolve at level 21

What level proygon evolve at on platinum?

Porygon evolves during a trade if it holds the item up grade.

What level does arbock evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Arbok does not evolve

What level does pachirisu evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

Pachirisu does not evolve :(

How do you evolve Pokemon in platinum?

level them up