Are video games important

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes they are i am a college age student and i have used facts i have learned from Video Games in later life to get in competitions like quiz bowl. it depends what kind of game you get on how it will help though. war games help in the military.

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Q: Are video games important
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Why is teamwork important when it comes to video games?

why dont you play an mmorpg and find out

Do you think It is important to play a game?

Playing games should not be something you have to do/important. Playing video games is an entertainment thing which you should enjoy and not to be focused into.

Is it important for young people to play video games in this age?

no it is not good for you but it is good fun

Does Denmark have video games?

Yes, Denmark has video games. A lot of video games.

Why is media important?

media is now powerful or important because children spend more time play computer games, video games,DVD, internet, listing to music

How many people have good jobs after learning from video games?

Video games have no real effect on the ability of someone to get a job. When video games are played too much it might distract someone from something important like school, but video games could also provide a nice distraction for people and actually improve their ability to function. It is completely subjective.

How games are important for us?

Video games lower the need for violence. Video games improve dexterity, many surgeons are enjoying improved dexterity. Violent video games help stave off memory loss and loss of function in the elderly. Violent video games helps alzheimers patients. Video games can provide an environment for the normally friendless to have friends. Video games can help people see a different form of view in a non confrontational way. Video games can lead to marriages, or divorces. Video games is a clean form of entertainment, and usually cheap as well. Playing video games leaves teenagers less time to form, or enroll into gangs. Video games can encourage reading, and can boost vocabulary. Games can teach the values of math (pokemon card games, Dungeons and Dragons). Games can encourage writing skills.Theres more, but i got bored of typing

What makes more money -Holly wood movies or video games?

Video Games

What is the collective noun for games?

It's a compendium of games.

How do video games affect kids?

it is important because the like to have fun and be cool characters like batman

Is playing video games healthy for you and does it help you at all in life or with anything?

Playing video games is basically wasting time, but then so are any games. Video games do help with hand-eye coordination, but the important thing to remember is to limit your playing time and go spend time with your actual friends and family most of the time.

Do cpus affect how games are played on a computer?

Yes. A fast CPU is important to how games are played on a computer. More important than the CPU are the amount of RAM in a computer and the video card. You could make do with a less powerful CPU with more RAM and a great video card.