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There is a game that i do not like called Adventure Quest. my friends play it but I don't really like it. i play runescape and have tried AQ but i didn't like it that much. NOTE: AQ is a 2D game. Adventure quest worlds is a good one, adventure quest is ok though

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Q: Are there mmorpg games like Canaan online that doesn't need download and it's free please don't say runescape?
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What are good mmorpg games that you don't have to download or install?


What are fun mmorpgs?

runescape is a good mmorpg and its free with no download

What Is The Best MMORPG Game you Don't Need to Download?


Is RuneScape awesome?

Yes, it is currently the most popular no-download online MMORPG game ever !!!

Is there a fighting MMO with no download?

Runescape is one, however it is an MMORPG and so may not fit your requirements.

I need a good MMORPG that is free and has no download besides Runescape Xivio Dragon Fable Adventure Quest and Mechquest?

Good MMORPG's: Furcadia.Com

What is a good online game mmorpg RPG etc... you dont have to download besides runescape and xivio?

It probably is : .

Are there any good online mmorpg games like runescape except for 1 aqworlds 2 dragonfable 3 adventurequest and 4 any mmorpg that you have to download also i want it to be online with other ppl?

no. the only good ones you can find you need to download.

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Is Jagex going to make another runescape like mmorpg?

A recent game they made is War Of Legends. It MMORPG, but it is quite different from RuneScape; check it out.

What is RuneScape or Club Penguin?

Runescape is a so-called huge 3D MMORPG game.

Is RuneScape on Playstation 2?

No Runescape is an Internet MMORPG. It is only playable on the PC/Mac.