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Yes, there is: habbo hotel (if your a teenager) or maybe runescape,

Moshi monsters.


Im pretty sure there is MANY more

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Q: Are there any websites like club penguin zwinky or whyville?
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Can you give a list of virtual world websites?

woozworld club penguin zwinky zwinky cuties moshi monsters

Are there any websites like imuv?

all i can really think of is..*stardoll.*club penguin.*zwinky.*habbo.and missbimbo.

Is there anything like club penguin but you dont need a membership?

whyville is one

Good girly websites anyone?

I am 11 years old and some of my favourite websites are: webkinz, marapets, zwinky, zoeysroom, club penguin, grid club and cbbc HOPE THIS HELPED!and

Other websites similar to zwinky?

imvu or runescape or club penguin im the dood who made songs on the page so yeahh x] toy_boy570 on zwinky...rcih guy570 on runescape to

What are some websites where you can create a home and cute avatar?

Zwinky Club penguin Binweevils Second life Sorry there are not many ! Hope this helped :D

Will a whyville user expire?

Well, i have my own whyville and it apears to me that it is like Club Penguin. If you dont use your account for a long time it is likely to be deleted. So if you want to keep your whyville citzen, go onto it constantly.

What are some good websites for tweens no stardoll club penguin girlsence Thanks?

The best websites for tweens are : Zwinky webkinz if u have facebook u could do yoville gurls-club.weebly

What are awesome virtual worlds for kids?

For younger children i think some great websites would be: Club penguin, fantage, webkinz, ty, neopets, panfu, whyville, and minyinland :) they are all great!

Can you tell me some game sites? vizwoz , stardoll , panfu , club penguin , whyville , dressupgames, kongregate, and addictinggames.

What are some Virtual Worlds for teens?

Meez Second Life Imuv Zwinky Wizard101 Club Penguin Webkins World SuperSecret Toon Town SecretBuilders Build- a-bearville Whyville Habbo Weeworld. onverse imvu roblox habbohotel furryfable gaiaonline there Xivio - free no download

Somethink like Club Penguin but not Club Penguin?

Bin weevils, panfu, barbiegirls(it counts!!), imvu,zwinky and gaia (but this site is a little dodgy)yeah, bin weevils, Panfu (which are mini virtual pandas! lol!) you could use gaia and imvu and zwinky but you have to download zwinky to be able to play it! xx