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i don't think there is that i know of but try Club Penguin

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Q: Is there any clubs for girls like zwinky cuties?
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Does zwinky cuties give you viruses?

No.... Zwinky Cuties is a perfectly safe environment and doesn't have any spyware/ malware/ ect.. It is VERY safe to play Zwinky Cuties. It is NOTHING like zwinky. I promise you. Zwinky can install things without permission and is the targeted virus that can easily install on your computer. I hope I could help! x

What is is good website like IMVU but without the download?

supersecret,zwinky,spark city,zwinky cuties

Can you have username and password on zwinky cuties?

if u dont get in ur zwinky acc for like 4 months do they delete it cus i think they deleted mine

Can two people be on zwinky cuties at the same time on the same computer?

no way! how will one person move and then the other! it will be like fighting!

Is there any other sites like zwinky world?

i have a fewmeezclubpeguinimvuhabbowee worldlittle girls ( boys (sorry i don't have any :( k) this can be related for kids i pre-k nick Jr

What do you do on Zwinky cuties?

its like zwinky but twice as diffrent,you can ddecorate your room chat safely and also you can care for your pet,play games, invite people to your house and hang out with your friends,also travel to all diffrent kinds of places but it cost money :(

Why do kids like cuties?

Because cuties are made for kids! :)

Is zwinky cuties safe?

its kinda wierd but yea it really messes up my computer and when you delete it it still comes back up like you have never delete it....i had to get a different computer cause it messes up soo bad....

Are their strip clubs for men that like thick girls?

their should be a stip club for them because their a alot of thick girls that can dance and bend and twist like the thin girls and their are numbers of men that love thick girls and i think that that kinda stuff would bring more money to the clubs

Are there any good games like Club Penguin?

Contributors have said: Moshi Monsters Club Pony Pals Runescape Habbo Chobots There are a lot of good games on (download) Poptropica pandana bin weevils build a bear ville toon town zwinky zwinky cuties Binweevils Dizzywood

Where can you get girls games like dress up apart from zwinky games?

go to there's thousands of dress up games there

Are there any websites like zwinky that you dont have to pay or download for it?