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no O.O you like sonic hahaha

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Q: Are there any new sonic games coming out?
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Is there any sonic games coming out in 2013?

There will be a new addition to the Sonic games coming out in 2013. The game Sonic Lost World is expected to be released during Holiday 2013. No exact date is given.

Any new sonic games coming out?

Sonic the Hedgehog 4(Arcade game for WII and PS3 and XBOX360) and Sonic Colors(WII ONLY!)

What new sonic games are coming out?

There is Sonic Colors (Wii,DS) and sonic free riders (Xbox360 natal).

Why is mighty the armadillo not in any of new the sonic the hedgehog games?

I think that they are saving him for the Sonic coming out in a couple years. He probably will be in that one. Wouldn't doubt it. 8D

Is there a new Mario and Sonic game coming soon?

Yeah! It's called Mario and Sonic at the Olymic WINTER Games

Will there be any new characters in the Sonic games of 2011?

It's not certain if Sega will make more Sonic games but if they do then there will probably be new characters. In all the Sonic games so far Sonic has met new people. In Sonic Riders Sonic met Jet, Storm and Wave and in Sonic the Hedgehog 06 he met princess Elise, Silver and Blaze.

Will there be new Sonic games in the future?

Yes there are sonic colors in summer of 2010 & sonic the hedgehog 4 was coming on summer too but i don't remember the long way of the future

What sonic game is after sonic and the black night?

well theres 2 new games coming out. Sonic and Mario at the olympic Winter sports, and Sonic Racing.<<-- (im not sure about the title about that one but its about racing.)

Any new Sonic games that are going to be made?

They are making Sonic Colours for Wii and DS as well as Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Is a new sonic game coming out like sonic and the black knight?

no but there is sonic smashing the enemies for ps3

The next Sonic Game?

You will be surprised by this but there are actually 2 sonic games coming out. The 1st one is called 'SONIC COLORS' and the 2nd one is called 'SONIC FREE RIDERS' and no it will not be for FREE 'LOL'. They will both be coming out in the end of this year. (2010) I don't know the exact date but it will come out somewhere around September- December. Hope that helped (even though we still have several months left.) Again, hope it helped and if I find any more NEW sonic games coming out, I'll let people know. Also there's a preview of sonic colors on just type in 'sonic colors' and watch the video. THANKS FOR READING!

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