Are there any games like ubiworld?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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IMVU I guess

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Q: Are there any games like ubiworld?
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Do you have to pay to play on ubiworld?

No not on any of the games I know of. Most of the time they are free if you play them online.

Is their a website like imagine town?

There is a couple of games like imagine town there is OurWorld, Moviestar Planet, stardoll and Ubiworld

What is ubiworld?

UbiWorld is a world that tells you about the Imagine games for the Nintendo DS. You will be able to create a look and you will also have a scooter to ride around in.

Are there any games like imagine town?

There is UbiWorld and OurWorld. But, my favorite is Movie Star Planet. There's also Fantage, My Free Zoo, SecrectBuilders(Dizzywood), and Monkey Quest.

How do you deleteyour ubiworld?

just dont go on ubiworld

What is a nother virtual world like ubiworld?


How do you register on ubiworld?

just write ubiworld :) :) bye

How do you get career points on ubiworld?

Play games get rabbits eggs pets hearts stars and CHEESE!

Do you have to pay to join UbiWorld?

no UbiWorld is free. I play it all the time.

Where is the sweet 16 ds on ubiworld?

well everyone is saying that there is none. if you dont want to search for hours, go here: copy/paste it. there are some games ubiworld doesnt even have! like party planner and sweet 16 ;)Um... The website does have those games and they mean find the DS to play the mini-game and don't you get a prize or something if you do find it?

Is there a game like Moshi Monsters?

Some games like moshimonsters: habbo ubiworld clubpenguin dizzywood marapets barbiegirl millsberry pandanda winxclub ecobuddies funbrain spineworld Neopets Chimpoo Creature Breeder Bin Weevils Ourworld

What are the petz fantasy codes for ubiworld?