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Q: Are there any games like hands of war?
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Is there any games like gears of war?


Are there any games like stickarena?

Territory War Online

What is better a PS3 or a Nintendo DSi?

It depends on what you like. If you like high graphics and intense gaming, usually war games or first person shooter games (or other PS3 games), you want the PS3. However, if you like portability, the Nintendo games (which are not first person shooters, or any gory games involved), and like the personalization of your handheld and like mini games (free games from the Nintendo Store), then the DSi is for you. dsi hands down.

Are there any free strategy games like empire at war?

yes stick war or stick war 2

Is there any games like endless war?

there is endless zombie rampage 1 and 2

Are there any free war games that let you fly and drive like Battlefield 2?

Gta :d

Is Hunger Games like Iraq?

Nothing like Iraq or any war. The Hunger Games are a blood sport somewhat along the lines of the Gladiator matches of Roman times.

What abilities does a gorilla have?

its man like hands its war ship like mussels

Are there any games like Call of duty but free?

Well, not really.....LOL but there are some *WAR* games you might wanna check out but they're needed to be downloaded.

Why are war games so fun?

because when you play war games you shoot and people today like shooting games

Are there any games like age of castles?

Ant War is the only one I'm aware of, but it's by the same company.

Is there any games like halo game?

Gears of War is kind of similar. Guns, aliens, apocaliptic future ect.